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  • me: omg so this is what marriage feels like


This is a sketch requested by ~rawrrsakura. SasuSaku in the rain. Hope you like it :)

Sooooo pretty :3


the moment naruto ends is the moment we’re all gonna sit there in a daze wondering who we are and what we’ve done our whole lives

Yeah pretty much 3:


Kakashi, you had one job.

XD lmao!!!!

Omg!!! Their just beyond perfect xD



Some very cute sasusaku♥ I love these two so much!!!


Lol, so I just realized the similarities in some of Sakura’s and Sasuke’s actions

As kids not so much here

image image

When they’re happy

 image image

Thoughtful/surprised face

 image image

Determined battle face

image image

Anybody else see it, or is it just me



Inner feelings hehe ♥️

She loves him in spite of his ways

Episode 313 + mangacaps



It terrifies me so much

Sasuke-kun, just when did I fall in love with you…?

piZap Photo Collage


Sometimes I feel like people that hate SasuSaku are more obsessed with this pairing than the shippers themselves.


its a little about anything and everything :)
my names michelle but yuh can call me michi <3 i love anime<3 so much! ,music,..and anything uniqueish :) i tend to have two different personalities xD *but dont we all??* so here youll see a little into my thoughts,wants,pains,loves and everything else. :) oh i love all types of music,and one day i aspire to be a famous singer or actress :) *but shhhh... no can know that ;)* so yeah enjoy any other questions just ask away :) :) <3 yuh all ^.^

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